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To Congress: Support the 10th

Chris Peace (R), a delegate in Virginia's House, wrote an excellent piece in Sunday's RTD, entitled "10th Amendment Protects the People." In the simplest of terms, Peace defines Federalism and explains how we may have gotten to this place where an over-reaching federal government is finally being told to "STOP!".

Our General Assembly has chosen this legislative session to do the following:

"Reminding Congress to support the 10th Amendment: Over the past year, states around the country passed resolutions claiming sovereignty under the 10th Amendment. This movement, in nearly every state in the Union, demonstrates an imbalance and growing concern that the federal government is increasing its dominance over state policy affairs."

 I commend his editorial to you as an excellent reminder of state and federal roles. As well, he highlights various legislative efforts that we have championed here on this blog:  HB10 - Healthcare Freedom Act, HB69 - Firearms Freedom Act, among others....

What others are saying: 10th Amendment Legislation = Racism?

Well, we knew it would happen eventually... and actually, it turns out, it has already happened when the "racism" accusation was uttered last year in Georgia. But we'll get back to that in a minute. Those folks over at CNN have issued a report in the Politics section about the rise in 10th amendment legislation around the country. Don't get too excited because the useful idiots interviewed for the piece overall strongly denied the strength of states' sovereignty.

After the Georgia Senate's move in April 2009 for sovereignty, Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Jay Bookman wrote that this push has a "particularly nasty legacy." "It helped precipitate the Civil War, and in the 1950s and early '60s it was cited by Southern states claiming the right to ignore Supreme Court rulings ordering the end of segregation," he wrote.

Not only does Bookman play the racism card, he asserts that those of us concerned about constitutional powers are on the "fringe." Wow...

"You have to question the judgment of those who would have any truck whatsoever with such nonsense and who would jeopardize the reputation of the Georgia Senate to lend aid and comfort to such radical causes and fringe groups."

Virginia gets no mention in the article, but our state's work is just getting started. Stay tuned for more updates on the Healthcare Freedom Act (and related Senate bills) and the Firearms Freedom Act.... they are still moving through committee and should make Senate and/or House floors soon! It's an exciting time in the Commonwealth.

10th Amendment Bills "Skating" Towards Victory?

Forgive the frosty element to the title! We've been digging out of knee deep snow... and still our General Assembly building in Richmond keeps a-humming! Here's the latest:

It’s been just over two weeks since the big Lobby Day Rally at the Capitol in Richmond. Dedicated citizens have spent countless hours in the General Assembly building attending committee meetings and speaking with legislators about two bills, the Healthcare Freedom Act (HB10) and the Firearms Freedom Act (HB69).

To date, three Senate bills (283, 311, & 417) related to the Healthcare Freedom Act (House bill) have passed through committee. SB 417 (Sen. Jill Vogel’s bill) is up for a vote on Monday, Feb. 8. You can watch the proceedings here: (should begin sometime between 12:15 & 12:45 p.m.)

On February 3, 2010, Greta Van Susteren interviewed Virginia State Senator Phillip Puckett (D) regarding Virginia banning forced Universal Healthcare. Watch it here!

AG Ken Cuccinelli appeared on FoxBusiness Channel with Neil Cavuto on Wednesday, February 03, 2010 about 6:50 p.m. He spoke specifically about the Healthcare Freedom legislation. It is essential that we fight the Federal government against the healthcare mandate, at the very least!

HB 10, the VA Healthcare Freedom Act, will be heard Thursday, 4 Feb., before the full House Commerce & Labor Committee (about 1:30 p.m.). When it was heard last Thursday before the C&L Subcom #2, it was recommended to be reported to the full house receiving one Democrat vote by Del. Joe Johnson, a bill co-patron.

Multiple gun bills continue through the GA. Stay tuned!

Lobby Day - Making a Difference in the Commonwealth

I can't possibly express just how excited I am about attending the Lobby Day events in Richmond on Monday, January 18th. Citizens often complain that they feel distant from the process, that their voices aren't heard, or they really don't know what specifically they can do. Well... how about this.... SHOW UP!!

I don't usually quote Woody Allen, but he is quoted as saying, "80 percent of success is showing up" and in the case of expressing our political will, that has certainly been the case over the past 18 months.

We have a busy day planned on Monday, "Lobby Day" at the General Assembly. Truly, there is something for everyone regardless of your skill set or legislative interests. If you don't want to lead a group to legislators' offices, then join a group and nod your head, shake hands.....make your voice heard. If you would rather just show up... there are several rallies at the Bell Tower that morning, so attend one or two.... make your voice heard. Specifically, attend the Tenth Amendment Rally at 10 a.m.... fantastic speakers are scheduled and the crowd is going to be pumped up.

Be a presence at Lobby Day and consider it a present to your kids and future generations.

LOBBYING 101 A Seminar: How to Influence Lawmakers

Monday, January 11, 2010
6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
Tuckahoe Library
1901 Starling Drive Henrico, VA 23229
Map on Library Website: http://www.henricolibrary.org/Libs/tu.html

* Lobby Day on January 18 – why YOU should attend
(Guest: A voice of experience - from behind the “Iron Curtain" to freedom)
* Pending Tenth Amendment bills in Virginia State Legislature
* How to effectively communicate with your legislator
* Building coalitions to strengthen your position
* Making the most of a 10-minute meeting with your legislator
* Live or die in Committee
* “After-Seminar” Small Groups – “Lobby Day Action Plan” & “Local Party Involvement Initiatives”

Confirmed Speakers: Delegate Bob Marshall, Jamie Radtke, Donna Holt, and Joe Guarino. Other special guests are still being confirmed at this time.

This seminar is being offered by a coalition of local citizen groups including: The 9.12Project/WST-Richmond, Virginia Campaign for Liberty, Virginia Tea Party Patriots, and Citizens Roundtable.

This seminar is being presented so that our coalition partners, their members, and citizens at large can effectively lobby their state legislators during Lobby Day on Monday, January 18th. This particular date is a special opportunity for Virginians to express their concerns and desires to their State Senators and Delegates. Face-to-face lobbying at the state level is vastly more effective than at the federal level and will dramatically improve our ability to defend ourselves against encroachments set upon us by the Federal Government. After all, all politics is local.

We’d love to know that you’re coming! RSVP to: wst.events@gmail.com

Use your day off to lobby for freedom!

Informed (and angry) Virginians have an incredible opportunity in January when the Virginia General Assembly convenes to discuss the budget, consider new legislation of all types, and deal with the threat of an out of control federal government. "Lobby Day" is Monday, January 18, 2010 (MLK Holiday) which is a prime lobbying/protesting day for many conservatives who would otherwise be working. It's not often we get such a "free day" to make a difference in effecting meaningful change in our government.

Because we have the country’s gross domestic product to tend, conservatives aren’t free like the typical dregs of society herded around to events like the G-20 summit. At this year’s Pittsburgh summit, 300 protesters assembled without a permit. Greeting police with rolling trash cans, blocking roads with pallets, the protesters were subjected to teargas. Some would argue that the world’s “capitalist pigs” that comprise the G-20 are to blame for these jobless protestors’ plight, instead it’s entirely something else – socialist malaise – why do for oneself when the government is writing unemployment checks, eh?

Anyway, just so you know, conservative protests in the year 2009 have resulted in no police action, no violence, no trash-covered National Mall. These protesters not only pay their own way to attend, they even clean up after themselves.

So, mark your calendar for a terrific (and peaceful) day of gaining the ear of our Virginia lawmakers. You won't be hauled off in handcuffs, teargassed, or otherwise punished because of a recalcitrant crowd....we know how to behave. Your voice and presence are needed on this most important day!

States Jump on the 10th Amendment Bandwagon - as they should!

In 2009, the bank and auto bailouts, the passage of the $787 billion dollar stimulus bill, the 400+ spending bill, and the deliberations over healthcare and energy have sparked outrage in voters. While Federal intrusion in state business is not new (Medicaid, No Child Left Behind, RealID, to name a few), there is a new call for an assertion of state sovereignty, vis-à-vis the 10th Amendment.

Leading the way in this fight was the state of Oklahoma, which passed a resolution in February 2009 serving notice to the Federal government to “cease and desist” from passing mandates not articulated within the proper limited scope of governmental powers. According to Oklahoma State Representative Charles Key, “The more we stand by and watch the federal government get involved in areas where it has no legal authority, we kill the Constitution a little at a time. The last few decades, the Constitution has been hanging by a thread.”

If you’re curious about the Tenth Amendment Movement, check out this interactive map showing states that have passed, introduced, or defeated (only Arkansas), state sovereignty legislation. The legislature of the Commonwealth of Virginia will be considering at least three bills related to 10th Amendment rights in the 2010 session. Delegate Peace is sponsoring a resolution of state sovereignty; Delegate Bob Marshall is sponsoring the Virginia Healthcare Freedom Act (VHFA) which rightly challenges the over-reach of Washington into Americans’ healthcare choice; and finally, Delegate Carrico is sponsoring the Virginia Firearms Freedom Act (VFFA) challenging Washington’s regulation of firearms manufactured and retained in the Commonwealth.

This is going to be an interesting General Assembly session!!! Virginia’s citizens cannot sit back and watch this as sport. We must get involved and follow these bills through committee and onto the floors of the House and Senate, exerting pressure on our representatives all along the way.

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