Combating Agenda 21 in Your Community

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Now that you understand what Agenda 21 looks like on a global scale, I’m sure you are wondering if things you have been seeing and reading about in your community are somehow involved. Chances are, if you have questioned it, the groundwork has been laid and the process has begun.

Where do I start?

One of the first things to find out is if your local government is a member of ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives). You can visit the link below to see the list of members listed by country.

If your locality is a member, send them a Misprision of Treason letter and a copy to the Attorney General and a copy to the Governor of Virginia. You can find the letter for Virginia:


My county/city is not on that list. I have nothing to worry about, right?

Quite the contrary. More often than not, the agenda is being put in place by NGO’s (Non Government Organizations). In 71 of Chapter 10 of the United Nations Charter, they set up these groups as ‘consultants’, not being a part of any government or state that is a member of the UN. There is currently a move to replace the terminology with Civil Society Organizations. Their primary goal is to implement Agenda 21.

Dissecting the Comprehensive Plan Process

Visit the website for your county of city and search for your comprehensive plan. Chances are, one is already in place or in the planning phases. If you are lucky, you will still be in the planning phase, and should have access to documents and videos regarding the process. There are several stages to the process. For example, in Chesterfield County the current New Comprehensive Plan began with a Steering Committee. Upon researching, it was discovered that the most members appointed to the Steering Committee are environmental activists in some form and/or planners and developers, not a true representation of the community. Learn about your Steering Committee, and attend the meetings. Most meetings are open to the public, and although you will likely not be allowed to speak, you can gain valuable insight to how the members comments and concerns are dismissed.

Once the Plan makes it out of the Steering Committee, it is on a fast track to approval by the Board Of Supervisors / City Council. Make sure you document everything you witness and learn. Most localities record meetings and have them available via CCTV on their website. Watching old videos can be a long and boring process, but if you are coming in late in the game the information and knowledge of the process could be priceless.

Check for draft land use plans, rezoning and other potential restrictions. Look for clustering and new urbanism plans.

Learn how to recognize and counter the Delphi Technique (manipulation) Visit for more information.

Call your planning commission. The information should be listed on the county/city website. Find out who has been hired as consultants and how much they have been paid.

Who are the Consultants?

This is where Google becomes your best friend. Once you have identified the Consultants (NGO, most likely) it’s time to find out what they are really up to. Google the name of their organization with the keywords listed at the end of this document. Read old news articles, county plans, land use plans, zoning, codes, conservation plans, and other Comprehensive Plans, even if they are out of state. A pattern will develop, and you’ll have an idea of what they really have in store for you.

Get to know the players, research their resume, work history, areas of study and group affiliations. The process can be painstaking, but your children will thank you.

I have the knowledge. What do I do with it?

Share what you know. At this point, you have the knowledge to educate those who think this process is for the good of our communities and you can shine light on the truth. Create petitions to be signed to deliver to your local board/council. Contact your legislators, and get your community involved.

Write letters to the Editor, contact your local news sources, and never miss a chance to disperse information. There is not only strength in knowledge, but in numbers. Remember, ICLEI and the NGO’s are not elected bodies representing our communities and should not be granted the rights to manipulate our officials and our communities to give up our property rights and our liberties for an agenda being pushed by the United Nations. It is up to each of us to stand up.

Agenda 21 Keywords:

Sustainable Development
Smart Growth
New Urbanism
Wildlands Project
Green Zone
Heritage Site
Comprehensive Plan
Social Justice