Legislative Update 1-28-2013

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Legislative Update 1-28-2013




SB797 to allow consumers to opt out of smart meters was passed by indefinitely even with all the evidence that smart meters cause illness, caused fires and gathers information from individuals that otherwise can only be obtained with a search warrant.


YEAS--Watkins, Colgan, Saslaw, Norment, Stosch, Edwards, Wagner, Puckett, Herring, Stanley, Alexander--11.


NAYS--Newman, Martin, Obenshain--3.



FAILED but provides another bite at the apple -


HB1616 to prohibit the use of drones without a search warrant was incorporated into HB2012 to place a moratorium on the use of drones for a year. If passed, we have an opportunity to build our forces, align more allies and make an attempt to limit their use in the next session.


Please copy and paste email addresses below to contact members of the Courts sub-committee #1 Criminal and urge them to vote to send HB2012 to the House floor.


DelDAlbo@house.virginia.gov, DelRBell@house.virginia.gov,

DelBCline@house.virginia.gov, DelTGilbert@house.virginia.gov,

DelJMiller@house.virginia.gov, DelRVillanueva@house.virginia.gov,

DelRMorris@house.virginia.gov, DelVWatts@house.virginia.gov,






The Boneta Bill, HB1430, passed the Agriculture Sub-committee and is headed to the full committee on Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources. There was a minor amendment to remove several non-agricultural items from the goods farmers can sell listed in the original language but is, nonetheless, a victory.


YEAS--Marshall, D.W., Orrock, Poindexter, Knight, Morefield, James--6.




The bill will likely be heard by the full committee on Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources on Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. In House Room C.


Please copy and paste the email addresses below to contact members of the full committee and urge their support for HB1430 to relieve farmers from the over-regulation of agricultural commerce by local government:


DelTWright@house.virginia.gov, DelBSherwood@house.virginia.gov, DelLWare@house.virginia.gov, DelEScott@house.virginia.gov, DelBOrrock@house.virginia.gov, DelDMarshall@house.virginia.gov, DelJEdmunds@house.virginia.gov, DelCPoindexter@house.virginia.gov, DelBPogge@house.virginia.gov, DelBKnight@house.virginia.gov, deltwilt@house.virginia.gov, DelJMorefield@house.virginia.gov, DelMWebert@house.virginia.gov, DelMRansone@house.virginia.gov, DelMFariss@house.virginia.gov, DelKPlum@house.virginia.gov, DelLLewis@house.virginia.gov, DelDBulova@house.virginia.gov, DelMJames@house.virginia.gov, DelMSickles@house.virginia.gov, DelLTorian@house.virginia.gov, DelMKeam@house.virginia.gov




HB2229 to prohibit the detention of a citizen by federal government without notification and authorization of local law-enforcement, made it's way through the full committee and is on the House floor.


YEAS--Lingamfelter, Sherwood, Wright, Cline, Gilbert, Merricks, Morefield, Edmunds, Wilt, Webert, Morris, Fariss, O'Quinn, Head, Rush, Lewis, Tyler, Filler-Corn, Surovell--19.


NAYS--Hope, Kory, Lopez--3.


Please contact your legislator and urge their support for HB2229 sending it to the Senate at cross-over. 





HB2223 to prohibit infringement of property rights under United Nations' Agenda 21 is on the docket to be heard by the Rules Committee today at 4:00 pm in the 6th Floor Speaker's Conference Room.


Please copy and paste the email addresses below to contact members of the Rules Committee and urge their support for HB2223 sending it to the House floor.


DelWHowell@house.virginia.gov, DelLPutney@house.virginia.gov,

DelSLandes@house.virginia.gov, DelKCox@house.virginia.gov,

DelTKilgore@house.virginia.gov, DelLWare@house.virginia.gov,

DelBSherwood@house.virginia.gov, DelCJones@house.virginia.gov,

DelBOrrock@house.virginia.gov, DelTGilbert@house.virginia.gov,

DelBKnight@house.virginia.gov, DelJJohnson@house.virginia.gov,

DelKPlum@house.virginia.gov, DelAHowell@house.virginia.gov



Please contact members of the committees, sub-committees and your legislator and urge their support for our bills.


Yours in liberty,

Donna Holt

Executive Director

Virginia Campaign for Liberty